Concept & Service

In short:

Shared Space

  • Office space with telephone and internet access
  • Warehouse space tailored to individual requirements

Shared Facilities:

  • Conference rooms
  • Reception area
  • Kitchen and lounge

Shared Services

  • Financial services
  • Human resources
  • Warehouse management
  • Logistics (handling of customs procedures and transport)

The Sharehouse Concept - a Business Incubator in China

The Sharehouse concept - saving cost by sharing resources - is the result of more than 30 years of experience in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in their China endeavors.

We understand the challenges for SMEs entering the Chinese market:

  • Limited experience
  • Limited staffing capacity
  • High overhead costs in company administration
  • Lack of adequate facilities (offices, warehouses, workshops, ...)
  • Lack of Chinese language skills
  • Little control due to geographical and cultural distance

To address these challenges adequately, Sharehouse is geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises wanting to establish a subsidiary in China. Shared facilities, Sharehouse services and the resulting synergies allow for an easy and cost-effective entry into the Chinese market.

We will administer your company on your behalf, leaving you and your sales representative/s free to concentrate on your clients and the Chinese market.

Sharehouse Services

Sharehouse offers its members office and warehouse space combined with services in finance book-keeping, human resources, logistics and warehouse management.
Businesses joining Sharehouse will be registered as independent limited companies under Chinese law.
This business license allows you to explore all economic avenues - import and export, invoicing in RMB, as well as direct sales and distribution. Our warehouse helps you to cut delivery times.


  • Low start-up costs. No investment in infrastructure
  • Quick start
  • Lean organization - no need to hire staff for administration
    • human resources
    • finance
    • cashier
    • warehouse management
  • Low costs daily operation through use of synergies
  • Access to an established partner network

Sharehouse provides office space for every company and their staff. Warehouse space is offered according to your personal needs. Furthermore all Sharehouse residents share reception, conference rooms, kitchen and lounge

All administration, from accounting to human resource, is covered by Sharehouse. This enables you to focus entirely on sales, without having to build up a high staffing level and expensive overheads.


Registering the business as a Chinese company is a service we offer at a preferential rate to anyone joining Sharehouse.


For more information or individual offers please contact